Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation


The solar industry in Ontario is experiencing unprecedented growth thanks to the Feed-in-Tariff program launched by the Ontario Power Authority in the fall of 2009. For those not familiar with the program, it was designed to stimulate the renewable energy sector as well as reduce our dependence on coal powered generation. A similar program has enjoyed great success throughout Europe. The basic idea is that property owners could install a solar or wind energy system on their property and sell back the electricity to the utility company. The system owner and utility company enter into a twenty year contract where the utility company agrees to purchase the energy produced at a pre-determined rate which is much higher than the price paid by consumers.

The program has produced great success in Ontario over the past two years. Many renewable energy companies from other parts of Canada, Europe and the United States have expanded their operations into Ontario in order for their product to meet the "domestic content" requirements of the program. This in itself has created numerous jobs in Ontario.

Fast growth of an industry does produce some unique challenges. For the renewable energy industry, there is a shortage of trained and knowledgeable solar PV designers and installers. The Canadian Solar Institute (CSI) and her sister company Soleil Power Canada have extensive experience designing and installing both grid-tie and off-grid solar PV as well as solar thermal and wind energy systems. Our instructors have both theoretical and practical experience allowing them to stay current with the latest in renewable energy technology.

Currently CSI is offering an off-grid and grid-tie workshop. The curriculum was designed by Mario Borsato, one of only a few NABCEP certified instructor/installers in Canada. Mario is trained in grid-tie and off-grid solar pv , solar thermal and wind energy systems. From his extensive training and field experience, Mario brings together both the theoretical and technical aspects of design and installation of solar PV systems in an engaging format that is enjoyable and stimulates excellence in learning.

Our workshops are both comprehensive and thorough. The modules will walk you through the basics of energy through to the complexities of solar PV systems and their design and installation. The workshops are intended to educate the beginner as well as the seasoned electrician.

CSI is committed to:

  • Providing high quality education that combines theoretical and practical solar PV training.
  • Teaching with integrity and professionalism.
  • Helping businesses grow within the solar industry.

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