TESTIMONIALS From Our Workshops

Donald Andre
Regional Energy Project Coordinator, Arctic Energy Alliance
  • "The Canadian Solar Institute was very professional and provided an excellent working environment during the Solar PV design and installation workshop. The material was presented in a professional and comprehensive manner."

Ken C.
(Nova Scotia)
  • "Given my limited exposure to training in photovoltaics, what you have presented impressed me greatly. Your presentation style, depth of knowledge and the fact that you are an industry leader who has taken your time from your own business to impart knowledge says a lot about you. I thank you for the opportunity to learn from an expert."

Dave Z.
  • "A very informative and comprehensive course with a knowledgable interactive instructor"

Allan J.
(King City)
  • "One of the few courses I have taken where I have not fallen asleep. Mario makes it interesting and informative and you won't be dissapointed."

Vince T.
  • "The 5 day course is one that I would recommend to anyone looking to get into the industry, start a related project involving solar, or just interested in this exciting and exponentially growing field! Thanks for a great learning experience."

Kevin C.
  • "Great overview of both design and installation. Lots of info and gives me the confidence to do this myself... Highly recommend if you are thinking of getting into Solar PV."

Linda T.
(Northwest Territories)
  • "Great training, saftey conscious, builds skills and knowledge..... Good from start to finish, step by step solar pv installation"

Bill T.
  • "One of my motives in taking this course was meeting like minded folks who I might be able to work with in the future, that goal was accomplished.....Mario really seemed to care about our understanding of the course. He wanted us to succeed."

Richard K.
  • "I thought the workshop was great...Lots of info in a short period of time."

Tyler B.
  • "I am walking away with a much greater understanding of solar. Eddy and Mario had examples and multiple ways to explain any questions asked. They encouraged the class to be involved and ask questions. Looking forward to another solar course with CSI. Thank you for the experience!""

Scott S.
  • "Very informative. All course material is relative to topic and directly relevant to the hands on work."

Richard B.
  • "All material was delivered in a professional but relaxed manner which helps in understanding the material. The hands-on was very helpful in understanding the components needed."

Tomasz Z.
  • "I would recommend this to anybody working the field."

Dave B.
  • "The material part of the program was very informative to me, as I know very little about solar coming in to the class. Now that I have knowledge of it, I would be interested in working in the field - installing and quoting systems."

Ken S.
  • "The amount of enthusiasm that Mario displayed and was able to deliver to an array of different learners was fabulous."

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