Canadian Solar Institute - Solar Photovoltaic Workshops



CSI currently offers a 5-Day Solar PV Design and Installation Workshop. Our curriculum has been designed from the ground up to address both the Ontario FIT program and off-grid power generation. All courses teach students to design and install systems that are Canadian Electrical Code compliant.

  • Renewable Energy Turnkey Business Solution

    Thinking of starting your own Renewable Energy Solar PV business? Check out what we can offer to get you up and running in minimal time
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  • 5-Day Solar PV Design & Installation Workshop

    This workshop covers the details of designing and installing both off-grid solar and grid tie (PV) systems.
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  • 2-Day Solar PV Installations and Section 64 of the CEC

    This course will provide installers, technicians, electricians, and engineers with a better understanding of Section 64 of the Canadian Electrical Code, focusing on solar photovoltaic systems.
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  • 3-Day Small Wind Turbine Workshop

    In this 3-day intensive course students will learn about wind energy systems. Topics will include the wind resource, turbine principals, tower types, wind site assessments and more.
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  • General Workshop & Cancellation Policies

    Need Accomodation? What if you need to reschedule your participation? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about our workshops.
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The following companies have committed to elevating solar sector standards by partnering with CSI to offer formal training to their employees and/or authorized dealer/installer network.
If your organization would like more information on this program, please contact us.